OAT Travel: How to Pack My Bags for Places to Go in England!

Visiting England is not just a journey but an overseas adventure travel that boasts amazing sceneries, interesting history, and rich culture. Meticulous planning is the key to a worry-free experience. Our goal is to help make your tourism day easy and without any surprises as you look forward to it anxiously.

Therefore, to help you pack during your OAT, here is an exhaustive guide taking into consideration every element. Our checklist is comprehensive and not just for a regular holiday but numerous occasions. Now we can start preparing and ready ourselves for these top places to go!

Your Mandatory Checklist Before You Do Anything!

Here are some things you need to organize and check before planning any traveling plan to England. Go through the list below:

  • Prepare your overseas adventure travel (OAT) route
  • Apply for a visa (if you haven’t or if it is needed)
  •  Complete mandatory vaccinations (usually required after the COVID situation)
  • Get a complete check-up at the doctor/dentist to ensure best health condition
  • Check on your travel insurance
  • Photocopy or scan important documents (passport, ID, maps, etc.)
  • Note down important phone numbers and information in your email or a notebook.
  •  Inform your bank beforehand to avoid any financial mishaps (if necessary)
  • Book accommodation for your first night (Check the best hotels for booking and book your room(s) before they run out of space.)
  • Download any offline applications for maps, routes, places to go, and touring spots.
  • Download any movies you want to enjoy during your travels.
  • Compile your favorite song, podcast, or instrumental playlist.
  • Turn off the HVAC or any other sort of ventilation system in your home.
  • Take out the trash before leaving.
  • Water the plants/lawn or hire a person to do it in your absence.
  • Hand over a duplicate key of your house/car to a family member/friend.
  • Secure and double-check the doors and windows before leaving.
  • If you have a pet then take them along or give them to a pet shelter till you are back.

Must-have Documents and Essentials during Travel

The first thing you need to do before booking a place ticket is to check the validity of your passport. If it has expired then that is your starting point. Get that first and then proceed to the next step of booking a plane ticket. Pro tip: Make sure that your passport has an expiry of more than 6 months for hassle-free overseas travel. Here is a list of the documents you need to have while traveling!

  • Passport (Most important)
  • ID card (For identification overseas)
  • Plane or train ticket (keep a physical copy as it may be required)
  • Reservation documents (e-ticket, train ticket, hotel reservation)
  • Visa (if needed but some passports do not require a VISA, for example, Japanese Passport)
  • International Driver’s License (If you wish to rent a car)
  • Health insurance card (To tackle any medical emergencies)
  • Travel insurance (Just to be super safe on the trip)
  • Credit card
  • Cash
  • Emergency Contacts (Family, Relatives, Friends, or Someone you know in England)
  • Address of your accommodation (Airbnb, hotel, residence of someone you know)
  • Vaccination card/certificate
  • Carry your licenses for sailing, paragliding, diving, or similar activities.
  • Your work or business card (Additional proof of identification)

Things You Need on the Plane, Bus, or Train

We have compiled a list of items that will help you during your travels. Go through the list to find out what you have missed from our list!

  • Phone and charger (You do not want a dead phone on your travels!)
  • Book or a Travel Guide (Know your places to visit)
  • MP3 player (Music to pass time)
  • Chewing gum (A little flavor to keep yourself occupied)
  • Pen + notepad (To note down any important information)
  • Travel pillow (For a comfortable traveling experience)
  • Sleep mask (To get rid of irritating lights around you)
  • Watch (Timeliness is always rewarding during travel)
  • Sunglasses (Everyone wants that shade for their eyes or want to look cool)
  • Snacks/sandwich (You never know when you can get hungry)
  • Small water bottle (Hydration is essential)
  • Nasal ointment for dry nose (If you have allergies or a nose condition)
  • Hand sanitizer (Keep those germs and bacteria away from you.
  • Glasses case (To keep those precious shades safe)
  • Earplugs (Turn down the volume around you for a nice sleep)
  • Disposable face mask (Keep yourself safe from dust, pollen, and bacteria/germs)
  • Tissues (You can never expect a sudden sneeze or spill)
  • Motion sickness medication (If you have height or motion sicknesses then these are you best friends)

Baggage and Hand Carries for Luggage

  • The way you pack your things makes a huge difference. You would want the small things like chargers, wallet, cash, and cards in a smaller bag/fanny pack and the other things in a larger bag sent to the luggage. Here are the types of bags you need for your overseas adventure travel!
  • Travel Packing Organizers (Socks, undergarments, and other small clothing stays in one place)
  • Travel laundry bag (Keep your used clothing in it)
  • Travel bag (Keep your precious items and keep them with you on your flight)
  • Shoe bag (Keep your “Yeezys” and “Jordans” safe from dust and water)
  • Rain cover for backpack (You do not want rainwater seeping into your bag)
  • Luggage tag (You want to label all your luggage)
  • Lightweight foldable backpack (If you need that extra space to keep extra essentials)
  • Handbag (For quick access to essentials)
  • Fanny pack (Your cash, cards, and phone go in this)
  • Carry-on suitcase (For the rest of the luggage)

How to Pack Clothing for Every Situation?

Check out the list of clothing that we have compiled in a way to suit certain situations!

Casual WearParty WearSleep WearSwim Wear
Windbreaker (Male/Female)Short sleeve shirt (Male/Female)PajamasSwimsuit
Undergarments (Male/Female)Stylish Dress (Female)T-shirtsShorts
T-shirtsPolo shirt (Male)Long sleeve shirt (Male/Female)Tank tops
Tank topsScarf/bandana (Unisex)ShortsFlip-flops (Male/Female)
Sweatshirt/pullover (Male/Female)Jacket/coat (Unisex)Sweatshirt/pullover (Male/Female)Hat/cap
SocksHat/cap/beanie (Unisex)Lightweight pants (Male/Female)Sunglasses
ShortsDemin Jeans (Female)
Short sleeve shirt (Male/Female)Breton Striped Top (Female)
Scarf/bandanaTrench Coat (Female)
Polo shirt (Male/Female)Suit or Tuxedo (Male)
Money belt (Male/Female)Windbreaker (Male)
Long sleeve shirt (Male/Female)
Lightweight pants (Male/Female)
K-way (Male/Female)
Jogging suit

What Shoes to Pack?

Shoes are one of the things that a person notices when you dress up. Expensive shoes, casual shoes, pricey sneakers, and more. These decide your overall vibe in an environment. Let’s have a look for suitable shoes you can pack for your trip!

Shoe TypeSuitable for
Walking ShoesCasual
Shoes for Special Occasions (Party, Wedding, Clubs, etc)Smart Casual
Flip-flops/Slippers (Male and Female)Casual
Hiking footwear (Male and Female)Outdoor
Sandals (Male and Female)Casual/Summer
Water shoes for Beaches, Ponds, Waterfalls, Swamps (Male and Female)Outdoor/Beach
Trekking shoes for Outdoors (Male and Female)Outdoor

Health and Hygiene Items

You need to pack these items for your health and hygiene. The best thing is that you even save money while having your own things with you. Have a list below and check if you have missed anything!

Compact Travel TowelWash BagRefillable Travel Bottles
Toothbrush & ToothpasteShower GelBiodegradable Cotton Buds
Dental FlossConditionerPrecision Tweezers
Gentle Facial CleanserHand SanitizerEveryday Makeup
DeodorantLip BalmShaving Kit (for male)
Biodegradable WipesWet WipesTravel-sized Perfume
Compact Hair BrushSunscreenContact Lenses
Travel-sized Laundry DetergentHair TiesPocket Mirror

Tech Items and Apps for Pictures, Videos, and Mapping

Here is a list of items that will make your memorable trip safe in the form of videos or pictures. Let’s have a look!

For Photographers and VideographersDon’t ForgetUseful Apps
CameraPortable SpeakerAirbnb
Charger + Cable + Plug AdapterTravel AdaptorGoogle Trips
Cleaning KitPortable Hard DriveLonely Planet Guide
DroneMulti-USB Charging HubTripadvisor
External Battery / PowerbankPortable Wi-Fi Hotspot
External Hard DriveAdhesive Cable OrganisersLoungeBuddy
Extra BatteryUniversal Plug AdapterGoogle Translator
FlashMicrofibre Lens ClothWhatsapp
GoProTravel Adapter with USB Ports
LensiPad / TabletBooking
Memory CardLaptop PCCouchsurfing
ND FilterHeadphones or Noise Cancelling HeadphonesGoogle Maps
Polarizing FiltersExternal BatteryFlush – Public Toilet Finder
Selfie PoleBackup SD Cards
Solar ChargerTravel-Friendly Power StripXE Currency
StabilizerLens Cleaning PenMeetup
USB KeyWaterproof Phone PouchMaps.me
Waterproof CaseCompact Tripod
Waterproof Phone CaseSpare Camera BatteriesUber

Some Other Useful Items

Here is a list of items that are a plus to have on your trip. They will enrich your trip by providing utility and ease. Let’s shed some light on the list below!

Travel EssentialsFor HikersFor Hygiene & Protection
Clothes PegsHigh-Energy SnacksPills to Purify Non-Drinking Water
Folding UmbrellaCollapsible Water Bottle
HeadlampMapMosquito Net
Powdered or Liquid DetergentReusable Water BottleSawyer Water Filter (A Must Have!)
SheetsWater BottleAloe Vera Gel
Sleeping BagCompassSunscreen Cream
SporkCompact BinocularsMask, Snorkel, Fins
Swiss Army Knife (Caution: Do not carry in hand luggage/carry!)Walking Stick (my favorite)Waterproof Pouch for Smartphone
Travel ClotheslineLightweight Compact Tent (for her, for him)Beach Towel
TSA LockGPSMosquito Repellent
Ziploc BagsPortable Camping StoveDiving Accessories (gloves, dive computer, lamp, knife)

Mandatory Medical Supplies and First Aid Kit Items

Always remember to carry medical supplies as unpredictable mishaps can happen anytime during your overseas adventure travel (OAT). Thoroughly go through the list below!

Basic First Aid Kit ComponentsAdditional Items for Longer Trips and High-Risk Locations
Allergy Medication (Antihistamines)
Antiseptic WipesProbiotics for the Stomach
BandagesMedication for Altitude
Burn GelAnalgesics (Painkillers)
Condoms and Other ContraceptivesOintment Against Itching (Antihistamine)
Cotton BudsSterile Adhesive Skin Sutures (Steristrips)
Digital ThermometerAnti-Diarrhea Tablets (Imodium, Smecta)
Disinfectant Spray for WoundsSurvival Blanket
Insect RepellentThermal Blanket
Motion Sickness Tablets
Pairs of Single-Use Latex GlovesWater Decontamination Tablets (Aquatabs or Micropur)
Paracetamol or Ibuprofen for PainMedication for Sore Throat
Physiological Saline Solution in Pods (Wound Cleaning)Tick Tweezers
Prescription Medication and Copies
Round-Tipped ScissorsWater Purification Tablets
Sterile CompressesAnti-Malarial Medication
TweezersRehydration Solutions (in case of dehydration)
Tweezers with Magnifying GlassCorticosteroid Pills and Cream

The Final Say

As the last few days until your departure draws closer, we look forward to the excitement of travel while leaving nothing to probability with our complete packing guide to ensure you depart for England equipped. It is preparing, which opens the road for a relaxing and interesting trip abroad.

ToTravell checklist includes everything that helps you make a trip – whether taking pictures of beautiful landscapes or navigating through the streets of London. In case you have already zipped up your suitcase, make sure it contains everything necessary for this wonderful expedition. Safe travels!


How do you pack luggage in the UK?

It is easy to know how to pack luggage in the United Kingdom by following the following steps:
> Those going on such trips need to ensure that they make a packing list so that they do not forget some of the important items that are needed during the trip.
> Pack only the necessities, and invest in a hard-shell suitcase to avoid overstuffing your bag.
> Roll clothes to save space and avoid wrinkles.
> Spare space for the souvenirs and pack other breakable articles meticulously.

How to prepare for a trip to England?

To prepare for a trip to England, consider the following:
> Understand more about the history of the country, its people, and highlights of tourist interest.
> It is wise to prepare a packing list and include items that may come in handy, such as plug adaptors and charging cables.
> Always ensure that when traveling, you carry your bags in strong luggage and possibly pack the heavier luggage near the wheels to balance it with the lighter luggage so that you can maneuver it easily with less struggle.
> Wear comfortable shoes for sightseeing, but remember to leave space for souvenirs and pack breakable items carefully.

How do I pack for a holiday in the UK?

To pack for a holiday in the UK, follow these steps:
> Certain things are a must to take along, so make a list before packing so that you remember everything.
> Roll the clothes to save space and avoid any wrinkle formation on the clothes.
> Do leave some space for those souvenirs you are likely to pick up on your journey and wrap those delicate items securely.
> Pack another small tote bag for the trip back if you still have extra space when leaving the area.

How do you pack for summer in England?

It is advisable to pack weather-friendly, multi-seasonal clothing, such as T-shirts, cardigans, and skirts. Pack everyday essentials, such as shorts, dresses, bath suits, skirts, and tops for the hot summer. Remember warm clothes, too, because the weather may change suddenly. To make it a comfortable journey, you must pack comfy shoes, an umbrella or raincoat, and anti-insect cream.

What is the 5-4-3-2-1 packing method?

The packing method known as 5-4-3-2-1 is one of the most effective strategies for organizing things in a suitcase. It involves:
> Packing five tops.
> Four bottoms.
> Three accessories.
> Two shoes (a practical pair and a nice pair),
> One swimsuit.

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