OAT England: Detailed Guide on the DOs and DON’Ts in 2023!

Are you visiting England for the first time? During your overseas adventure travel make sure that you know about the “DOs and DON’Ts” to enrich your OAT travel. Keep in mind that the European regions are well-known for their culture of etiquette and royalty. In this guide, ToTravell will navigate you through the best places to visit, associated locations, essential tips, and more. Ready to enjoy your adventures abroad? Let’s get started!

The best places to visit also have some rules that you need to abide by. These rules and regulations are for the safe travels of your family so that everyone can bask in the beauty and ambiance of the location. We have compiled some of the important aspects of every adventure travel destination to make your tour easier. Let’s get started with the top 10 places to go in England and the “DOs and DON’Ts” to follow while visiting!

1. London

There are numerous attractions available in history-rich and culturally vibrant London city. The capital of England is definitely rich in memorable places – from Buckingham Palace to the lively Covent Garden, or popular Borough Market.

“DOs” for London

Follow these rules while visiting these locations!

Buckingham Palace:

  • Witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony.
  • Explore the nearby St. James’s Park.

Pro Tip: Arrive early for the best view.

Covent Garden:
  • Immerse yourself in street performances.
  • Shop at the unique market stalls.

Pro Tip: Visit during the week to avoid large crowds.

Borough Market:
  • Indulge in a diverse range of global cuisines.
  • Sample local produce and artisanal treats.

Pro Tip: Bring a reusable bag for your market finds.

“DON’Ts” for London

Never do this while on your OAT travel to these locations!

Buckingham Palace:

  • Avoid climbing the palace gates for photographs.
  • Respect the space during official ceremonies.

Pro Tip: Stay on designated paths in the surrounding areas.

Covent Garden:
  • Refrain from blocking walkways during performances.
  • Be mindful of street artists’ personal space.

Pro Tip: Support local businesses by purchasing handmade crafts.

Borough Market:
  • Don’t forget to dispose of litter responsibly.
  • Avoid sampling without an intent to purchase.

Pro Tip: Check for market events or festivals for a livelier atmosphere.

Important TIp for London

For an authentic experience, explore London’s diverse neighborhoods, each offering a unique blend of history and modernity.

2. The Cotswolds

Nature lovers thrive at Cotswold, this best place is located in a beautiful landscape. Kelmscott Manor, ArlingtonRow, and Cotswold Way are some of their picturesque villages, historical sites, and trails respectively that have made it one of Britain’s quintessential destinations.

“DOs” for The Cotswolds

Follow these tips and make your overseas adventure travel amazing!

Arlington Row:

  • Wander through the iconic honey-colored cottages.
  • Capture the essence of rural Cotswolds.

Pro Tip: Visit early morning for serene village views.

Kelmscott Manor:
  • Explore the former residence of William Morris.
  • Admire the stunning gardens.

Pro Tip: Check for guided tours to enhance your visit.

Cotswold Way:
  • Hike along the picturesque trail.
  • Pack a picnic for a scenic outdoor lunch.

Pro Tip: Wear comfortable hiking shoes.

“DON’Ts” for The Cotswolds

Avoid doing this at these touristic spots!

Arlington Row:

  • Avoid trespassing on private properties.
  • Respect the tranquillity of the village.

Pro Tip: Stay on designated walking paths.

Kelmscott Manor:
  • Don’t touch artifacts or exhibits.
  • Follow photography guidelines.

Pro Tip: Check for seasonal events or workshops.

Cotswold Way:
  • Don’t stray off the marked trail.
  • Respect wildlife and flora.

Pro Tip: Carry a refillable water bottle for hydration.

Important TIp for The Cotswolds

Embrace the slow pace of life in The Cotswolds; enjoy a cream tea in a village café and soak in the idyllic countryside.

3. Edinburgh

The Scottish Capital Edinburgh effortlessly unites history and modernism. Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile, and Arthur’s Seat are some of the best places to visit which showcase part of the city’s history.

“DOs” for Edinburgh

Abide by these rules and enjoy your trip to this breathtaking location!

Edinburgh Castle:

  • Attend the enthralling One O’Clock Gun ceremony.
  • Explore the Crown Jewels in the Crown Room.

Pro Tip: Check the castle’s event schedule for special performances.

Royal Mile:
  • Stroll along the historic cobbled street.
  • Visit the various shops and eateries.

Pro Tip: Engage with street performers for a lively experience.

Arthur’s Seat:
  • Hike to the summit for panoramic city views.
  • Pack a picnic for a hilltop lunch.

Pro Tip: Start the hike early to avoid crowds.

“DON’Ts” for Edinburgh

Be sure to not do the following actions!

Edinburgh Castle:

  • Avoid touching historical artifacts.
  • Follow photography regulations.

Pro Tip: Respect quiet zones within the castle.

Royal Mile:
  • Refrain from blocking shop entrances.
  • Be cautious of your belongings in crowded areas.

Pro Tip: Visit the Royal Mile during off-peak hours for a more relaxed experience.

Arthur’s Seat:
  • Don’t stray from designated paths.
  • Respect the natural environment.

Pro Tip: Check weather conditions before embarking on the hike.

Important TIp for Edinburgh

Explore Edinburgh’s vibrant cultural scene by attending local festivals or theatrical performances, adding a dynamic layer to your visit.

4. Lake District

Lake District is characterized by calm lakes, beautiful hills, and quaint towns that attract many nature lovers. The sweetness of Windermere, Ambleside, and Grasmere invites people here with its own charm. For safe travels follow the tips below!

“DOs” for Lake District

Are you following these rules? If not, then do so!


  • Take a scenic boat cruise on Lake Windermere.
  • Explore the quaint village of Bowness-on-Windermere.

Pro Tip: Visit the World of Beatrix Potter for a family-friendly experience.

  • Hike to Stock Ghyll Force for a stunning waterfall.
  • Wander through Bridge House and the historic market town.

Pro Tip: Check local shops for handmade souvenirs.

  • Visit the resting place of William Wordsworth.
  • Explore Grasmere Gingerbread Shop.

Pro Tip: Attend the annual Grasmere Sports for a taste of local traditions.

“DON’Ts” for Lake District

To make your visit pleasant, do not attempt any of these!


  • Avoid littering around the lake.
  • Follow safety guidelines during boat rides.

Pro Tip: Respect the tranquillity of the lake.

  • Refrain from disrupting wildlife during hikes.
  • Respect the privacy of local residents.

Pro Tip: Check for guided walking tours for in-depth insights.

  • Don’t disturb the peace at Wordsworth’s grave.
  • Follow photography guidelines in sensitive areas.

Pro Tip: Attend local events for a glimpse into Lake District culture.

Important TIp for Lake District

Immerse yourself in the poetic charm of the Lake District by exploring lesser-known trails and enjoying a lakeside picnic.

5. Bath

The other UNESCO World Heritage site is Bath. The famed historic city of Bath holds Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, and the Royal Crescent.

“DOs” for Bath

These are some of the things that are appreciated when visiting this OAT travel location!

Roman Baths:

  • Take a guided tour to uncover the history.
  • Experience the thermal bath’s healing properties.

Pro Tip: Visit in the early morning for a quieter atmosphere.

Bath Abbey:
  • Attend a choral performance or service.
  • Climb the tower for panoramic views.

Pro Tip: Check the abbey’s schedule for organ concerts.

Royal Crescent:
  • Capture photos of the iconic crescent-shaped terrace.
  • Explore the No. 1 Royal Crescent museum.

Pro Tip: Visit the nearby Victoria Park for a leisurely stroll.

“DON’Ts” for Bath

Listed below are some of the behaviors that are frowned upon!

Roman Baths:

  • Don’t touch the historic structures.
  • Follow photography guidelines.

Pro Tip: Respect the designated routes during the tour.

Bath Abbey:
  • Avoid disruptive behavior during services.
  • Adhere to the photography policy.

Pro Tip: Visit during quieter periods for reflection.

Royal Crescent:
  • Refrain from climbing on the terrace.
  • Respect the privacy of residents.

Pro Tip: Capture the crescent during sunset for breathtaking photos.

Important TIp for Bath

Indulge in the city’s elegant charm by exploring independent boutiques, cafes, and art galleries around Milsom Street and Walcot Street.

6. Oxford

An icon for academic excellence in the UK, Oxford is home to dreaming spires, renowned colleges, and excellent museums. These include the Bodleian Library, Christ Church College, and the Ashmolean Museum all of which invite visitors into them.

“DOs” for Oxford

Oxford is a highly respectable place and decorum is a must at this location!

Bodleian Library:

  • Take a guided tour of the Divinity School.
  • Explore the Radcliffe Camera’s stunning architecture.

Pro Tip: Attend a lecture or exhibition if possible.

Christ Church College:
  • Walk through the Meadow Building and Tom Quad.
  • Visit the Great Hall, a Harry Potter filming location.

Pro Tip: Climb Tom Tower for panoramic views.

Ashmolean Museum:
  • Explore the extensive art and archaeology collections.
  • Attend a special exhibition if available.

Pro Tip: Visit the rooftop restaurant for scenic views.

“DON’Ts” for Oxford

Avoid these practices and pay respect to this intellectual heritage!

Bodleian Library:

  • Don’t touch rare manuscripts or books.
  • Follow photography rules.

Pro Tip: Respect quiet zones within the library.

Christ Church College:
  • Refrain from disruptive behavior during tours.
  • Follow the college’s photography policy.

Pro Tip: Check the college’s official website for visitor information.

Ashmolean Museum:
  • Avoid touching artworks or exhibits.
  • Follow guidelines for interactive displays.

Pro Tip: Plan your visit during weekdays for fewer crowds.

Important TIp for Oxford

Experience the intellectual ambiance of Oxford by attending public lectures or events, and embracing the city’s scholarly spirit.

7. Cambridge

The green and leafy surroundings, waterways, and famed colonies in Cambridge make it one of the finest cities associated with higher learning. Some notable tourist attractions include the University of Cambridge, King’s College Chapel, and the Mathematical Bridge.

“DOs” for Cambridge

Here are some things you need to know and follow before visiting this place!

University of Cambridge:

  • Explore the beautiful college grounds and gardens.
  • Attend a lecture or a cultural event if possible.

Pro Tip: Visit the Fitzwilliam Museum for art enthusiasts.

King’s College Chapel:
  • Attend a choral service or a concert.
  • Explore the chapel’s intricate fan vaulting.

Pro Tip: Climb St Mary’s Tower for panoramic views of the city.

Mathematical Bridge:
  • Take a leisurely stroll along the River Cam.
  • Capture photos of the iconic Mathematical Bridge.

Pro Tip: Punt along the river for a unique perspective.

“DON’Ts” for Cambridge

Avoid these to enjoy an amazing time at this best place to visit during your tours!

University of Cambridge:

  • Avoid entering restricted areas.
  • Follow college-specific rules for visitors.

Pro Tip: Respect the privacy of students and staff.

King’s College Chapel:
  • Refrain from disruptive behavior during services.
  • Follow photography guidelines.

Pro Tip: Check the chapel’s schedule for organ recitals.

Mathematical Bridge:
  • Don’t climb or attempt any risky activities on the bridge.
  • Respect the tranquillity of the River Cam.

Pro Tip: Join a guided punt tour for historical insights.

Important TIp for Cambridge

Experience the timeless charm of Cambridge by exploring hidden gems like the Wren Library and the Bridge of Sighs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, by now your overseas adventure travel (OAT) has expanded to the far corners of England. Whether it is to the tranquil environment of the Lakes District or discovering the essence of the English language at Oxford. Every place features its own colorful experience – from villages to world-renowned universities. ToTravell helps you adhere to the “DOs and DONTs” in our guide for safe travels to all locations mentioned above. England’s hidden gems call you for a learning atmosphere while you cherish moments and memories.

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