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Akihabara Japan: Your Travel Guide to the Top 10 Places in Japan!

Akihabara Japan: Your Travel Guide to the Top 10 Places in Japan!


Japan, once known as the land of the rising sun is now famous for its technological advancements as it amazes the world. One of the most eye-catching places to visit in Japan is Akihabara. It is known as the anime or gaming district that has grabbed the attention of many enthusiasts from around the world. Color-rich streets, stores packed with retro gaming gadgets, and cosplayers storming the streets are some of the attractions over here. At Akihabara, you can take pictures of locations or take a stroll to meet amazing cosplayers who are humble enough to offer a selfie. ToTravell took note of this mysterious place to go and took time to visit it. And we assure you that the myths you have heard about it are “True”! Let’s unlock the must-visit places in Akihabara Japan and what makes these destinations so popular. Let’s get started!

Top 10 Places to Visit at Akihabara Japan

Here is a list of locations that you do not want to miss if you are visiting Akihabara Japan on your adventure travel to Japan. Make sure you get your camera ready and a trusty Japanese guide (Note: a translator would be amazing too). This is going to be one mind-blowing exploration. Let’s dive in and find out more about this eastern treasure trove!

1. Super Potato

Located in the district of Akihabara, Super Potato is what gaming memorabilia collectors would affectionately call – a place filled with nostalgia and a lot of memories. Stepping in feels like a magical trip to the past while the shelf has lined up with old versions of classic video games, consoles, and accessories. Whether you seek a unique piece or a much-loved one from your childhood, Super Potato provides a fine collection for collectors and casual gamers alike. The ambiance is eclectic, the sound of the arcade machines melding with the surroundings to make the experience more interactive. Either way, it doesn’t matter whether you are after the past or something new, Super Potato will guarantee that you don’t forget this experience.

  • Things to do:  Explore a major retail shop with a variety of video games and gadgets for gaming.
  • Expenses: Varies based on purchases.
  • Pro tip: Look out for old games and vintage video game arcade machines.

2. Radio Kaikan

The Skyline of Akihabara features the landmark Radio Kaikan building which serves as a lighthouse for those who are in search of the safe harbor of original shopping. This building we see at once is a great shopping arcade that has a wide range of shops, offering you different goods. Alongside electronics such as radios and cassette players, anime products are another area that is of great appeal to our customers. Surrounded by intricately painted signage on the outside, it looks more appealing. A tour of Radio Kaikan is a journey of your senses, as you enter each floor, you encounter something else that is different from the previous one.

  • Things to do:  Visit an iconic building in Akihabara known for its bright signage and unique shops.
  • Expenses: Free to visit, costs may vary if shopping.
  • Pro tip: Capture the vibrant atmosphere and take plenty of photos.

3. Aki-Oka Artisan

In the circuit of Akihabara, lies Aki-Oka Artisan, a cute street where the local artisans are shown. The district features cute, trendy shops and cafes, and it walks you over to the streets of Akihabara which have a very contrasting energetic atmosphere. There’ll be a broad range of comfortably on hand, which include handmade trinkets, fashion pieces, and many more. The coffee shop Aki-Oka Artisan, which is a hidden gem, can provide you with an atmosphere different from the bustling city life, making it a must-go place if you want to be a few-minute trip from Akihabara.

  • Things to do:  Discover boutique shops, cafes, and locally-made goods in a charming artisan street.
  • Expenses: Depends on shopping preferences.
  • Pro tip: Enjoy the chill vibe and explore unique items not found elsewhere.

4. Mandarake

If you are a fan of anime-and-manga-related things, Mandarake would be a Heaven waiting to be explored. From the whole floors to the lower floors, this store appears to have an enormous collection of anime goods such as rare products and out-of-print Manga volumes. Every floor is attributed to a specific genre or type of merchandise so that searching for intended items becomes easy. The air is alive with thrill and energy as fans go through the aisles looking for things that are kept secret. Whether you’re a seasoning collector or a junior who’s just beginning to conquer anime and manga fans, the Mandarake store will provide you with the shopping trip so you won’t forget.

  • Things to do:  Explore the largest store for otaku goods, including cosplay items, manga, DVDs, and anime figures.
  • Expenses: Budget for shopping as per your interests.
  • Pro tip: Allocate ample time as you might need a whole afternoon to explore.

5. Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan

Gachapons of which Capsule toys are integral ones of Japanese pop culture are the place of Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan to experience it. You can find this little unique place that is filled with booths covered with Gachapon machines and each machine with different surprise. Anime characters will always be here, and toy collectors have a variety of toys because they are different and that keeps changing. Visitors to the museum might try their luck for hours, and if they do so can bring a little miniature treasure home with them. Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan is an exciting destination where you enjoy and learn at the same time with its varying attractions all of which will ignite your passion as a collector.

  • Things to do:  Find unique collectibles in this quirky spot known for its capsule toys.
  • Expenses: Bring change for the capsule machines.
  • Pro tip: Enjoy the surprise element of collecting various items.

6. Yodobashi Akihabara

Akihabara Yodobashi is an electronics center providing the widest range of this product variety on about nine floors. From the latest gadgets or hidden components, the biggest store in town sells it all. The immense size of the shop can be intimidating but the workers are taught to help whenever customers seek advice. Besides being an electronics-oriented shop the Akihabara branch of the Yodobashi is even worth visiting if you have no intention of buying any electronics. Akihabara now proudly houses a store that is not just a store, but a destination that must be seen and discovered.

  • Things to do:  Visit one of the world’s largest electronics stores with nine floors of tech products.
  • Expenses: Free entry, costs vary based on purchases.
  • Pro tip: Prepare to be amazed by the vast selection of electronics.

7. Edo Wonderland

Leaving the modern world behind, Welcome to Edo Wonderland, an amusement park dedicated to the Edo period. This historical theme park is an ideal place for those who would like to experience something about Japanese National History, which has period architecture, samurai performance, and various traditional activity options. They will be able to wear Edo-era clothes and enjoy the Edo Period culture first hand The park offers a practical environment by giving a lot of details that create an atmosphere of reality that helps visitors imagine they are in another era. The Edo period’s theme at Edo Wonderland is unparalleled as it combines entertainment and education. As such, it’s a perfect attraction for everybody- young and old.

  • Things to do:  Immerse yourself in an authentic Edo period town with samurai shows and traditional activities.
  • Expenses: Admission fees apply.
  • Pro tip: Experience the rich history and culture of Japan’s Edo period.

8. Tokyo One Piece Tower

Fans of the popular anime series One Piece should set aside this place on their “to-do list” Tokyo One Piece Tower. This theme park, specializing in everything “One Piece” will feature a wide array of themed attractions for its visitors. Not only exhibitions but also live shows, the life of One Piece shows up in the place. Tourists will get an opportunity to delight themselves at themed zones, which are set in places from the series, and interact with their favorite heroes. This park is also equipped with stands selling original merchandise and thus may be recognized as one of its kind by One Piece supporters.

  • Things to do:  Visit the world’s only One Piece theme park for an immersive experience in the popular anime series.
  • Expenses: Admission fees required.
  • Pro tip: Enjoy themed attractions and entertainment based on One Piece characters.

9.  Aqua Park Shinagawa

To have a special time in the open waters, go to Aqua Park Shinagawa, please. The advanced aquarium put in this place is full of marine life exhibits that interact and have stages A natural environment that is aquarium-like is produced by the installation, which uses tanks that mirror natural habitats. Visitors have an opportunity to see feeding sessions and at the same time learn about marine conservation activities. At Aqua Park Shinagawa, there is an amazing jellyfish exhibit that is one of the shows for many of the visitors. Whether you don’t know a lot about oceans or are looking for a thrilling and entertaining experience, Aqua Park Shinagawa is an underwater experience for all ages.

  • Things to do:  Set off on an underwater adventure at this aquatic park featuring marine life exhibits and interactive displays.
  • Expenses: Entry fees apply.
  • Pro tip: Witness captivating marine shows and explore diverse underwater ecosystems.

10. GiGO Akihabara 1 

Welcome to GiGO Akihabara 1, a first-class destination at the core of Akihabara in Tokyo, which is considered as the capital of a unique Japanese electronic landscape, a peculiar mixture of anime culture and otaku amusements. GigO Akihabara 1 is a “must-stop by” spot for gaming and adventure lovers who are trying out Akihabara’s fragmented surroundings. This large arcade hub features numerous games and forms of entertainment, thus becoming a popular place that both researchers and tourists visit, enjoying the sultry vibe of Akihabara. No matter, if you are just a gaming enthusiast or you only want to experience the dynamic life of these streets, GiGO Akihabara 1, is the perfect place to visit and discover the many things beyond games among the busy thoroughfares of Akihabara.

  • Things to do:  Experience a spacious arcade with various games including crane games and video games across multiple floors.
  • Expenses: Budget for gaming activities based on preferences.
  • Pro tip: Spend a fun-filled day trying out different games and winning prizes at this popular arcade spot.


What makes Akihabara a place to go? The glitter and glamour of the tech combined with anime culture! ToTravell made sure that we dive deep into the culture and make this virtual tour as immersive as possible for you. Japan is a land that will surprise you at every footstep with its ever-changing technology that the country has integrated into its culture. What makes Akihabara the center of attention? It is considered the hub in the world for retro gamers, anime enthusiasts, and cultural relevance related to these. We hope that through our outdoor adventure travel guide, you were able to have an amazing time understanding this location. Check out our “Top Destinations” to explore more exciting locations and make sure to have a peek at the “Personal Travel Diary” for a better understanding of places too!



What is anime city in Japan?

Akihabara, the anime city in Japan is known for its busy shopping districts, shrines, video game culture (retro and modern day), anime, manga, electronics, and exclusive gadgets that you cannot find anywhere in the world.

Why is Akihabara famous?

Akihabara is famous for its anime, manga, video games, and idol culture in Japan. Before this cultural boom, the location was best known for the best electronics at discounted rates.

How long from Tokyo to Akihabara?

Your commute time from Tokyo to Akihabara is hardly 4 minutes with a direct train that departs from Tokyo Station.

What is the most famous street in Akihabara?

The most sought location in Akihabara, Japan is Chou Dori Street with an interesting place to visit that is filled with anime and idol cultural transitions.

Who is the most successful anime?

Pokémon is an anime that has grossed the highest as a franchise of all time. The franchise has been publicly declared with its staggering worth of $71 billion in 2022 and right now it exceeds more than $100 billion.

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