Dubai Tourist Places: Complete Dubai Travel Guide to the Top 10 Attractions


Be enchanted by the Dubai tourist places with Totravell’s detailed guide to the leading 10 tourist locations in the city. Starting from the emblematic Burj Khalifa to the effervescent Dubai Marina, this trip will take you through the main must-see attractions in Dubai. Get to the coarse sand on Palm Jumeirah, immerse in the history of Dubai Museum, and be amazed by the excitement of a Desert Safari. You don’t need to pick one or the other; Dubai offers both a luxury shopping experience at its Mall of the Emirates or cultural immersion at its Dubai Creek in this guide to the best of what Dubai has to offer. Let’s get started!

Top 10 Dubai Tourist Places and How to Prepare for Them

Dubai is a vibrant city and you will find several touristic places in the city. Dubai tourist places bring together a mix of entertainment, relaxation, and experiences of cultural richness. If you have been planning the best places to visit in Dubai then you have come to the right place. Listed below are some of the places that Totravell visited. These places to go will give you insight and the information mentioned for each of the locations will help you prepare in advance to avoid any difficulties during your tour. Let’s learn more!

1. Burj Khalifa

Climb your way to the very top of the world’s highest skyscraper, the world-renowned Burj Khalifa, for an amazing view of the panoramic city of Dubai right from the top. Treat yourself to food with a no less than five-star rating in one of the best-known restaurants in the city – Atmosphere. Don’t have a chance to see the captivating Dubai Fountain show located at the base of the tower.

  • Activities: Visit the observation deck, dine at Atmosphere restaurant, and watch the Dubai Fountain show.
  • Expenses: Ticket prices range from $35 to $135.

2. Dubai Mall

Jump into the shopper’s paradise of Dubai Mall where you find over 1,200 stores with vast collections for all kinds of shopping needs. Plunge into the magical world of the sea and get to know the different fish species at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Get a movie at the cinema theater for some time off.

  • Activities: Shop at over 1,200 stores, visit the Dubai Aquarium, and watch a movie.
  • Expenses: Entry is free, but activities like the aquarium have separate ticket prices.

3. Palm Jumeirah

Relax and let all your troubles go at the “Palm Jumeirah” which has pristine and beautiful beaches and the famous “Atlantis” hotel. Feel the adrenaline rush at the Atlantis waterpark being an exciting activity. Set sail on a luxury yacht through The Palm for that world-class feel.

  • Activities: Relax at the beach, visit Atlantis Hotel’s waterpark, and take a yacht cruise.
  • Expenses: Free beach access and waterpark activities have entry fees.

4. Dubai Marina

Taste the colorful environment in Dubai Marina. Get on a leisurely cruise on dhows or walk along the Marina Walk. Enjoy the perfect meal at the waterfront restaurants, there are a lot of restaurants in the waterfront area.

  • Activities: Dhow cruise, Marina Walk, waterfront dining.
  • Expenses: Cruise prices start around $30 per person.

5. Jumeirah Beach

Have a day enjoying the nice weather at Jumeirah Beach which has fantastic scenery. Dive deep into the turquoise waters of the pool to take a refreshing plunge and escape the busy workings of city life. For the adventure lover, features like jet skiing and water sports can be tried.

  • Activities: Swim, sunbathe, water sports like jet skiing.
  • Expenses: Free beach access, and water sports may have fees.

6. Dubai Creek

Dive into the historical core of Dubai- Dubai Creek. Jump on an Abra to learn about the souks and get the positive energy of the buzzing city. Please take the opportunity to enjoy the splendid sunset view as well.

  • Activities: Abra ride, visit Gold Souk and Spice Souk, and explore Dubai Creek Park.
  • Expenses: Abra rides start at $1 per person.

7. Desert Safari

Start an exciting Jeep safari experience through the desert. Try new emotions such as dune bashing and riding a camel. So wrap up your day with a mouth-watering Arabian dinner and indulge in the beauty of the sky at night.

  • Activities: Dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, Arabian dinner.
  • Expenses: Safari prices start around $50 per person.

8. Dubai Museum

You can have a good grasp of Dubai’s fascinating traditions and culture with a trip to the Dubai Museum. Try your hand at interactive displays exploring the local traditions and history. A must-see destination for all those who love history.

  • Activities: Explore history and culture exhibits.
  • Expenses: The entry fee is around $3 per person.

9. Mall of the Emirates

Make the most of a year-round shopping frenzy by visiting the Mall of Emirates, a top-rated deluxe shopping mall. Ski aficionados can also receive their hits at Ski Dubai. Race to the nearest movie theater and watch the hottest new flick to complete your perfect outing.

  • Activities: Luxury shopping, Ski Dubai experience, cinema.
  • Expenses: Ski Dubai tickets start at $50 per person.

10. Dubai Frame

Reveal the vision of the city’s founder as well as its many faces from an amazing panorama of Dubai Frame. Explore the city from the top and get a bird’s eye view of the terrain. Walk on the ground floor of the museum for knowledge about the history entailed in the establishment of Dubai.

  • Activities: Enjoy panoramic views, and visit the museum.
  • Expenses: The entry fee is around $15 per person.


Dubai is one of the most interesting places that you can visit with all the exotic cars, high-rise buildings, and welcoming atmosphere. The Dubai tourist places provide with breathtaking experience and make sure that your tour is worth your effort. Totravell makes sure that we capture the essence of Dubai tourist places with our words and make you relive the moment. If you are seeking more exciting adventures then check out the other “Travel Guides” on our website. Also, if having a more personal feel makes you comfortable then check out the “Personal Travel Diary” section too. Let’s set off to the city of wonders while we help you pack your bags with everything you need to know!




Which is the most visited place in Dubai?

The most visited place in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa with its top-tier ambiance, luxurious interior, and premium amenities, and this place is a must-visit place.

What are 5 new attractions in Dubai?

The 5 new attractions in Dubai in 2024 are Dubai Crocodile Park, Dubai Mall Chinatown, The Dubai Balloon, AYA Universe, and the Mohammad Bin Rashid Library. All these locations will offer you a breathtaking experience and connect you with the sights and sounds of life in Dubai.

What is Dubai famous for?

Dubai is famous for its grandeur and luxury lifestyle. With high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, Dubai is home to some of the iconic places to visit among which the most famous is the Burj Khalifa.

Which place is free in Dubai?

There are numerous places in Dubai that you can visit! From window shopping at some of the high-end malls to public parks, and Alserkal Avenue with the famous “wings and portrait frame”. You can take some stunning pictures on your visit to the touristic places of Dubai.

Is Dubai Mall entry free?

The Dubai Mall entry is free as long as you do not exclusively visit a place to purchase something. Also, many other souks (Arabic marketplaces) are free to explore on your tour of Dubai. Note: It is better to inquire about certain activities as there can minimal charges (e.g. 50 AED) for them.

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